Rugby Drill Demonstration


Scrun Defense

Right Side

Coaching points

1. Scrumhalf put pressure on opposite number so we can get there 10 to come closer to receive the ball. make it difficult for their scrumhalf to get the ball away but stay on your feet so we have 7 defenders alive. dont follow the scrumhalf around unless you can catch her ball and all. The communication with the hooker is key and important. Let the hooker know when the ball is out. Clear communication.

2. the other 2 props has to be out of the scrum quickly and cover the blindside and keep working together in 2's to cover more space together. why? the quicker runner will always try and seperate the two of you so theres more space for them to run in,so its key that you cover the space together

3. lets get connected quickly so we can get into the spaces the ball is being moved into and we have to take up that space quickly and be organised 

4. body positions has to be ready to react to make a tackle. straight on tackle,side on tackle,steppers in front of you.

5. steppers in front of you then the whole line will slow down slightly and get a little closer to each other and cover the holes little more around the 'stepper'

6. lets take up space/push up. when do we want to push hard? when the ball is floating through the air when the pass is executed thats when we are allowed to push hard and as soon as the ball is catched by opposition player thats when we slow down slightly 

7. again lets stay connected and then lets make our one on one dominant tackles and try and steal ball or slow ball down



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