Rugby Drill Demonstration


Throw to the rearmost location, Maul from there

Coaching points

Call is made by First Jumper/Captain/Veteran that knows how the game is flowing

Call is NEVER made outside of the 22m, RARELY made outside of 15m, will be most often called within 10m of the tryline


Call format is:

"87, 45, 10 - CADILLAC. 87, 45, 10 - CADILLAC"

This throw should arc over the first two jumping positions and land at the jumper.

As the jumper is coming down, the front lifter needs to bannanna into the lifting pod, hitting right as the lifters bind and begin to drive. Front lifter rips the ball and protects it for the scrumhalf.

Thrower follows the front lifter, hitting the maul on the weak side. This should shift the maul to be more open on the weak side. depending on defensive response, scrumhalf will dish the ball to the weakside wing or out to the flyhalf.

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