Rugby Drill Demonstration


Improving their ability to make a maul if held up in tackle situation.

Coaching points

1. Within the try area get 4 players on a tackle pad in a zig zag line up to first post like in picture.

2. All other players get into groups of 3. Make sure your scrum halfs and replacements to pass out of maul seperate. 

3. The first player in the pod of 3 (grey) runs the ball up and hits tackle shield as they do secure ball on either left or right hip. 

4. When they have secured ball the other 2 players come in to secure ball from player 1 and drive tackle pad bag.

5. When they get driven to the line, scrum half passes to next pod.

6. The same set up happens again and they keep going till they get to the end.



- Add in an extra person each time they improve.

- Take away tackle shield and get the players wearing tackle suits so they can compete for the ball.

- Add more people into help defend. 

Set Up Of Tackle MaulMaulRugby Drills Coaching