Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Oppersite wing and full back should move where the ball is caught / picked up.
  • Ball should be passed into the centre. This is so the attackers have a more options in attack. However if the oppersition winger shoots up, he can use footwork to get past (This is unlikely though).
  • Attackers should be creative in attack.
  • If a tackle is made and ruck formed, it should develop into a normal attack vs defence situation.
  • Attacking team winning criteria = Try scored, Penality won, Drop goal scored or a lineout in the 5m channel.
  • Defending teams winning criteria = Carry the ball over the 50m line, Clearence kick made (if out of the 22, not strait out on the full), penality won or error from the attacking team (eg - knock on)
  • Defenders still work on defensive patterns and communication in defense.
  • Attacking team still need to work on communication and to use and create space with good handling and running lines.

Coaching points

  • Allow the attacking team to be creative (Blue team).
  • When the first ruck is formed, remind the attacking team that the oppersition defence will be disorganised and quick ball will more than likely lead to a try.
  • If ball is lost on first ruck, someone needs to drop to full back (Communication is required)
  • Don't halt a play mid-flow. Allow the plan to finish then have a talk.

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