Rugby Drill Demonstration


Start with 2 teams, one blue at the bottom of the diagram and one yellow on the right side.

Interceptor is a 1-on-1 game in which the blue team members must score a try on the far try line (between yellow cones). The blue team member starts with a ball and tags, and runs down the red channel. As soon as they get to the white cone, the yellow team member is released and must tag the blue member before they get to the line.

Initially, let them score a try anywhere on the line while they get the hang of it. From there, let them score in any of the 3 hoops, and further to this the coach shouts which colour the blue member should score in.

Coaching points

This drill can be made harder by having fewer hoops to start with, by shortening the red channel, or by allowing more than 1 member of each team to go at the same time.

A fun alternative might be for the coach to start with all of the players on the blue player start line, with a pile of balls. Coach does a small kick and the player must chase and pick up the ball before scoring a try on the far line and coming back around.

Alternatively, the coach could start with a pile of balls on the white cone. When a kid runs up, coach does a pop pass that the kid can collect and score against the yellow player as in initial description.

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