Netball Drill Demonstration


Split group into 3/6 depending on numbers. Maximum of 7 per group.

1st third - Clover. Players must drive forward, receive fro the left and pass forward. Requires all player's concentration.

2nd third - 2 lines, players drive forward, receive, pass back to feeders, switch, receive, pass back to feeders, switch, receive, pivot and pass to next player.

3rd third - players in a line. Defender in the middle, players must drive out and then get in front of defender before receiving from feeder. Defender at 50% to begin with.



Coaching points

Clear instructions and demonstrations. On players first turn go through the drill slowly, not rushing players.

1st third - encourage players to land correctly. Ensure all player's are concentrating. On progression ensure player's maintain stability during the drill. If too complicated return to normal size clover.

2nd third - Encourage players to land on correct foot. On progression ensure all players are completing the passes correctly.

3rd third - Ensure defender is only 20%, ensure players get in front before feeder passes the ball. 3 second rule applies. Change defender.

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