Netball Drill Demonstration


Players - All Players. Wing Attack (WA), Wing Defence (WD), Goal Attack (GA), Goal Defence (GD), Goal Keeper (GK), Goal Shooter (GS), Centre (C).

Time - 3 minutes slow, 2 minutes fast, 4 reps.

Intensity - Moderate to High

Drill - A player will be in the centre circle, another 2-3 metres to the left, another to the right and up near the 1/3 line, another to the left and about a metre in the last quarter, while the other person is on the right side and just outside the goal circle. Each player on a cone is to run onto the ball and pass quickly to the next player. Extra players will be line up behind the player in the centre circle. Each player will move onto the cone that they passed to.

Drill One - Attacking Movement and PassingPassingNetball Drills Coaching