Netball Drill Demonstration


In groups of 4 with 2 balls, and 4 cones

* x2 Workers

* x2 Passers (stationery)

1. Both workers (players 1 & 2) recieve the ball from the feeders and return the ball to the same feeder

2. Then both workers move around the cones in a figure of 8 formation recieving the ball at each cone from the feeder

3. Player 1 will always be one station ahead of Player 2

4. Repeat for each pair 3 times, after each pair has gone through 3 times then extend the cones out with a focus on longer leads for the pass and cut

Coaching Points:

* Cones are set up in a small area

* Focus is on short quick movements

* Accuracy of pass

* Longer leads on a pass and cut

* Focus is on eyes on the pass at all times and being open to the ball

Conditioned Attack 2 - Figure 8Netball Drills Coaching

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