Netball Drill Demonstration



All players are required to play in two teams: attacking and defending. The object of the game for the attacking team is to shoot the ball in the net, while the object of the game for the defensive team is to prevent the other team from scoring by tagging them. If the defensive team tags an attacking player, the attacking player has three seconds to pass to another member of their team or its an automatic turnover. If the attacking team has been tagged 3 times in one play, its an automatic turnover to the defensive team (which becomes the attacking team now).

Things to look out for:

The attacking team starts with the ball. Players are to keep moving quickly in the small space provided. Players with the ball cannot step and should aim to use quick, accurate movements and fast feet while keeping their eyes on the ball. Player also cannot step with the ball.

Safety considerations:

Players should use gentle force when tagging someone.

Players cannot throw the ball at someone (like dodgeball) but rather to them.

Try to stay within the markings to avoid slamming into the walls (this actually happens a lot)

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