Netball Drill Demonstration


1. On "GO" F throws ball to herself to start play.

2. A drives forward, dodging around D & E cleanly.

D& E apply 50% pressure.

3. As A clears around E, F releases a lob just forward of the centre circle for A to catch,

4. As A drives into the centre circle, G & H make a split lead. with H making the 1st lead to 1 side.

5. G reads off and offers a complementary lead to the otherside.

6. A chooses 1 lead, passes and returns to the back of the workers Q.

7. If G receives the ball, H digs ina dn drives to the pocket ball side to receive a pass from G.

8. I stays in the circle and makes lots of preliminary moves reading off G & H to recieve a final pass on her way back to the post.

9. I finishes off by taking a shot at goals.

Reset once I has put a shot up.

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