Drill Categories


4V4 Circulation (1)

category: 9-Conditioned-games

Volleyball 4v4 circulation (1) 9 Conditioned games A game of 4v4, in either the basic or advanced style. After each crossing of the net by the ball, ...

4V4 With Ref

category: SMVG-4V4-BASIC

Volleyball 4v4 with ref SMVG:4V4 BASIC Simple 4v4 game with a referee using normal rules.

Rotation 4V4 Rolling Sub

category: SMVG-4V4-BASIC

Volleyball Rotation 4v4 rolling sub SMVG:4V4 BASIC A game of 4v4, played in basic or advanced style. When a team wins the right to serve and the team...

4V4 Sitting Game

category: 9-Conditioned-games

Volleyball 4v4 Sitting Game 9 Conditioned games All formats of volleyball (2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 6v6) can be played with similar rules while sitting on t...

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4 on 4 drill

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Community Drills

4V4 Freestyle defence

Defensive work for 4v4 using free stle play. If the red player receives the ball, the yellow player runs into set, if yellow receives, red will come i...

Vegas (4v4, 5v5, 6v6)

1. Setup 6 vs 6 (4 vs 4, tec.), with players starting in base positions.2. 5 freeballs are thrown out, alternating sides (regardless of who wins the p...