Colour Passing - Heads Up

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Set up different coloured gates around the grid area - the more colours the better.

Players are working in pairs, one player dribbling and t...

Kareoke Shuffle

category: Agility

Stand side ways on the the ladder with right foot inside the 1st rung.

The player should then step with their left foot steps across in fron...

The Dog Pound

category: Dribbling

Players work in the square and they lose a life if:

They are dribbling too slowly, if they dribble outside the square or if they do not stop...

Turn And Pass 1

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Set up as shown.

Player 1 passes the ball into the feet of player 2 who must turn and pass the ball to one of the three players outside of t...

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Community Drills

Dribbling: The Mess

Players dribble the ball zig-zag,changing direction in front of the cones.Both groups start at the same time and next player enters the drill when pre...

Identifiers USA u5 JMJensen

Players move around the training area in varios ways-- jogging forwards, backwoards, hopping, skippping, running fast, slow. Random the coach clls out...

USA u8 Academy week 2 Pairs tag.

Al player have ball. 4 cones. Divide into pairs. 40X30 grid.One player starts and is given a 2 secondlead to get away fron their partner. The ch...

USA u5 JMJensen

coach kneels in the middle of the training area with the players around him in a circle, with their ball in their hands. coach takes one ball at a tim...