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Newbie, coaching U10s

Morning, I have just started coaching a local U10s team made up of kids (boys and girls) with varying skills and ability. We are viewed as one of the weaker teams in our region and lose much more than we win. I watched last season but wanted to help out this year. I am very new to coaching and would really appreciate some guidance on good drills to help players play with their heads up, looking for a pass, movement and positioning. They are good kids and I just want them to win a few games which will help them enjoy the game more.

Hi Andrew,

Of course, you've nailed it by saying that you want the kids to enjoy the game more and that absolutely vital.

The drill attached is perfect for getting them to love the session but also think about their game. The numbers game can be adjusted to make it easier or hander with different amount of players active at one time etc. 

Kids love gameplay at that age and don't want to be stood around for too long so it's perfect for getting them to be active and enjoy their football.

In terms of some tips for yourself, make sure you plan your session before so you can back yourself when it comes to explaining it to the kids.

Also try to keep it as simple as possible, its good to push the kids, obviously, however pushing them too far by over-complicating the tasks can have the opposite effect on their interest and enjoyment. 

Take an aim/theme into your session with you and refer back to it throughout to give the kids a goal to understand what they're working on plus it will keep you on track in the session, giving you the confidence to provide the best session possible.

I hope this helps and good luck! 

Numbers Game

Video / Animation
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Split your players into two equal teams and have them wait on the sideline opposite the coach who is standing with the ball in hand. Give players on each team a number from 1-5 (higher number if you have more players).

The coach then calls out a set of numbers. The players with these corresponding numbers must react to the call and run onto the pitch.

The coach kicks the ball into play and the two teams compete to score.

Coaching Points:

If no goal has been scored within one minute all players go off and coach calls out a different set of numbers.

The coach can vary the amount of numbers called each time.

The ball should be played on the floor as much as possible.

If players start shooting from too far out impose a maximum shooting distance (i.e. 1 meter from the goal.)

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