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Players work in the square and they lose a life if:

They are dribbling too slowly, if they dribble outside the square or if they do not stop on your command.

Players can also gain lives if they can perform the above well.

Upon hearing the coach's command players must stop and perform certain skills.

If a player loses all their lives they can either do a forfeit (press ups or running a lap of the grid) or be sent to the 'dog pound' (see video).

Coaching points

Players should look to dribble the ball with their heads up. Players should also look to drive into space.

Players should use both feet to dribble the ball.

When close to other players lots of little touches are needed using the inside then the outside of the players foot.

Players should use all parts of their feet to dribble.

The nine lives drill requires the coach to be enthuastic and give the practice energy. Make sure you make it fun!


Keep ups: On the command players should try and do10 keep ups (younger players should be allowed to let the ball bounce once in between each keep up).

Balance: On the command players should try to balance the ball on their forehead (eyes open, mouth closed) or do 5 consecutive little headers.

Freestyle: On the command do any dribbling skill they know but ensure they go in slow and come out fast.

You may then add any other skills you like here.

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