Dribble Race

category: Dribbling

Set up 3 gates on each side as shown.

The blue team run through the blue gates and the red team run through the red gates.

Players ru...

In And Out Catch Slalom

category: Goalkeeping

The keeper and the feeder work in each of the gaps between the poles.

The feeder plays the ball at mid-height into the keeper's body. Once t...

Over Under And In Between

category: Conditioned-games

Position players as shown in the diagram, with one ball between each team.

Player 1 passes the ball overhead to player 2, who passes the ba...

Square To Square

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Practice to learn to put the ball in space and fitness.

Put out 2 squares about 1 meter by 1 meter, player with the ball has to pass the ba...

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Public Drills

6v6 Game

Set field up in a square 20mx20m with a goal at either end.Spilt the team into half with 6 in bibs.Tell the team to use all their knowledge of the ski...

Warm Up (With Ball): Four Way

Divide team into two teams and allocate an area of the coned grid (each grid approximately 10 x 10 meters).Simple keep ball exercise but to start play...

Warm Up (With Ball): Two Goals

Divide team into two smaller groups (floaters on outside of coned area is possible dependent on numbers).Let two teams play 'multi goal' football for ...