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How can I improve the shot power of my U13s?

Hi, I coach u13 team and most of them really have poor shoot power. I tried to show them proper way to shoot the ball, we worked on approaching the ball with small steps, and now after few months their shoot technique is mostly satisfying, but they simply lack power.

There are 3 or 4 players who can shoot the ball well, but others can't shoot on goal from 15 or 20 metres out which is really worrying because in other teams we play against almost all players can shoot the ball much further than my players.

I think 13 years old is too early to start with any serious strength trainings. Any ideas?

Hi Neven, a lot of power from shots comes from the core muscles, as players twist as they shoot. For that reason you could look to implement some light core fitness work into your sessions - such as planks and crunches. Plyometric (explosive) leg power is also important so include some squats, bounding, squat thrusts etc. Even if players aren't all strikers this kind of strength work should still help their game - helping them be stronger when holding up the ball and also improving their endurance. Maybe only 5 minutes per session to avoid overdoing it.

Next part to look at is technique. Accuracy is obviously the most important thing, so only once your players are hitting the target should they try to increase their shooting power. To add a little extra umph you can enourage players to:

  1. Take a longer stride before striking the ball
    (starting the back swing from further back)
  2. Follow through the strike
    (landing in front of where the shot was taken)

Good luck with your team and hope these pointers help!

ok, I will try light fitness work that you recommended, I avoided it so far because I thought they were too young, but I guess some light work could be useful. 

their shot technique is already pretty good, much better than it was 3 months ago...we are shooting on goal in every training session so they are constantly improving, I was just worried about their shooting power...

thank you for your answer!

100% about the technique! Search around here for the key coaching points (pretty simple to understand) and ensure the players practice this!

I cant stress enough that its all about the technique!

I have a youth group U 13 who have similar issues. Will try implement your suggustion..

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