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Goalkeeper Footwork

The modern goalkeeper has to be good with their feet. Improve your keepers footwork by building their confidence to take the ball to feet with this session.

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  • Set up a line of cones across front of goal with two cones placed further forward and wide to the line of cones. Servers set outside area off to one side of the cones.
  • Goalkeeper first time round two feet between the cones, second hop between cones, third time double stepping side on to cones. 
  • Once footwork performed, goalkeeper has to get round the furthest cone and then back into line to save the shot
  • GK makes the save then joins back of Server line
  • Server joins GK Line

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper to perform footwork as fast as possible with head up. Then fast work to round the far cone and make it back. 
  • GK to get in line from server and the centre of the goal.
  • Timing of dive important.
  • Check appropriate technique M or W grip if the goalkeeper has the opportunity to catch the ball


  • Change the serve. Stationary ball, moving, volley, half volley
  • Number of rotations if you would like to work on GK fitness or muscle memory have them complete all rounds of the footwork in one go. 

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