Football Drill Demonstration


Initial pulse raiser to prepare players both physically and mentally for the session. Mark out a 30 x 20 area.

Part 1:

  • Players are spilt into 2 groups and begin by jogging in pairs to the far corner of each area and back down the sides to rejoin the group.
  • Introduce dynamic flexibility movements such as (calf swings, straight leg jogging, hamstring volleys, thigh volleys, heel to buttocks, groin abductors / adductos, lunges.

Part 2:

  1. Sprint to top corner
  2. Sprint to middle cone
  3. Diagonal to top cone
  4. Return to back of queue 

Coaching points

  • Dynamic flexibility movements should be performed until players feel muscle tightness not pain.
  • Emphasis on quality of movement first, then speed.
  • Gradually increase tempo and intensity of activation

Drill tags: warm up

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