Run Out To The Player - 1V1

category: Defending

Soccer Run out to the player - 1v1 Defending Set up a line of defenders on both sides of your 18 yard box and two lines of attackers roughly in lin...

Shadow Defending

category: 1-v-1-skills

Soccer Shadow defending 1 v 1 skills Players are working in pairs. Player 1 dribbles forward and player ... 1v1 to Goal Drill Thumbnail View this dri...

Individual 1 V 1

category: Defending

Soccer Individual 1 v 1 Defending Objective: To be able to defend in 1 v 1 situations & learn how to slow down attackers and win the ball back. Detai...

Full Backs Defending In Phase Of Play

category: Defending

Soccer Full backs defending in phase of play Defending Objective: To defend as a full back in a 1 v 1 situation Detail: This practice uses only 4 pla...


Community Drills

1v1 Defending

This session will focus on the ability to defend a 1v1 situation. The group will be split equally into pairs of two. One player will act as the attack...