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Attacking the ball for U10s

I am a coach of a U10 girl’s team, who for the majority haven't previously played.   I'm finding that they are now shying away from the ball and moving backwards instead of closing the gap, tackling or putting the attacking team under pressure when they have the ball.

Does anyone have any tips or drills that I can use to help them overcome this?

Explain what there positions are and what you expect from them in that position.

If you can break them off into small groups do so this realy works, I have done it this season and it pays off because there not with there mates messing about and I feel they listen a lot more than when in a big group.

Do somes cenarios with them e.g. so if a opponent has the ball in this position, where should you be and why, then if they dont know explain to them what they should do and why.

I train girls U 9 and for the last years we have played boys one year younger preseasson. The boys are smaller but boys usually play tuffer that have made the girls to piay more physical.

Defender in the goal, ball carrier at midfield line.  Ball carrier dribbles straight for the goal, and defender sprints out, then practices on where to break down, and to direct the ball carrier to the side where they can practice tackling from the side as the attacker tries to beat them.  Teaching them that they can steer the ball carrier if they can cut them from the herd.  This way they aren't exposed to potential shots in the face.

Every now and again I will run a whole session of 5 minute matches with a minutes rest in between for drinks and description of the next 'match' and swapping players etc = 72 minutes.

These matches cover virtually any problem you may have with players and the team. The idea is that once players have played these a few times, any big problem you just select the match that will improve it and then spend twice as much on that game and eliminate one of the other matches to accommodate.

For your particular problem, I would focus on match 6


On possession you have 3 seconds to play or boom you're out of the game for set time   
Only goals scored from the air count  
3.   4 2 SCORE
Complete 4 consecutive passes before score counts   
4.   OMG
Every pass, dribble, control, strike, save must be outrageous "Oh My God"  
Complete a trick before score counts  
Extra goal for every legal tackle that wins possession as well as normal goal   
Must shoot from wherever you win possession even if its blocked.     
8.   2 & DO
On possession, 2 touches, 2rd touch pass or shot   
No passing - on possession, dribble until a goal scored or loss of possession 
10. 1-2-3
On possession, 3 first time passes then play normally 
11. 20 & DOUBLE
Team amass 20 passes (non consecutive) then EVERY goal counts double     
In Attacking Half, if beat an opponent and a goal is scored = 3 goals

Hope this helps

Kevin's answer is a great answer, but personally I would just play loads of 1v1 matches so they HAVE to learn to attack and also to defend. Make sure you match similar skill / size / ability wherever possible. One great rule for this sort of thing is that you privately grade players based from 1 to 5 combined on these 3 attributes and make sure that they only play against other players + or - 1 grade until they are really comfortable woth attacking and defending.

Mix it up a bit and go 2v2 and then 3v3 to encourage passing.

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