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Coach doing my FA Level 2 badge, looking for skill & SSGs on pressing?

hi im currently doing my FA level 2 badge. I have just been given my final topic on " pressing " has any one got any good technique, skill and ssg drills for this. many thanks j

can you fully define  the question "pressing" as this can mean a few things.



hi stuart

that's all i got told my final assignment is on pressing. i took it to be more of a defensive thing so i thought about working on 1v1 basis then bring in more defenders and work as a group so 2v2 then 3v3. But i don't want it to come over as defending when organised or defending 1v1. so i would like to try and include a forward closing down a full back / centre half etc.

i really did get the worse topic i think

Hi James,

Defending to Attack is "pressing"if i understand correctly, here is a couple of links i hope can help:
[link removed] />[link removed] />[link removed] />[link removed] class="p1">Also let me know if you pass, the more qualified people we get into the system the better.

All the best


hi stuart

thanks for the advice and links but for some reason the links have been removed. i suspect sports plan dont allow them on. would it be possible to send it me direct please my email is [link removed]

many thanks

Hello everybody,

I have the same topic for my Level 2 final assessment. Can somebody share some pressing drill and game ideas with me? Any help much appreciated!

God Bless 


Hi all..Pressing is different from pressure..Pressing has to be done as a "block" strategy it can be applied in various part of the field but mainly in the central area where most balls are won or lost. I understand that pressing involves the idea of zonal marking..Check any zonal defending site and there will incorporate pressing ..good luck

Hi James,

Pressing in my opinion would be when you are running out of time and you need to win the ball back and get it quickly up into an attacking position, so as to score or get an equalizer / take the lead in the game/ get back in the game.

Good luck n all the best with your final assessment.

Pressing is a defending topic so you start with the forwards (in a SSG)

Its all about putting pressure on the ball individually and more importantly as a team. This means fast closing down of space for opponents to receive and play in.

4v4 30x20 2 small goals no goalkeepers with 2 nuetral players outside the playing area.

N/P starts by passing to any team. The team with the ball try to score. Defenders pressure.

  • Reduce space = nearest player to the ball pressures it
  • Cover and support from the 3 others as a group
  • Pressure as near to the opponents goal as possible but be ready to recover quick if needed behind the ball.
  • Players react to different pressures on the ball.
    * If no pressure, players drop towards own goal to shut down playing space
    * If pressure, then players instantly advance to force the ball to be played back by opponents towards their own goal.
  • Communication between all players should be fast, concise, loud, appropriate that lets all players know the intent of the communication

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