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Goalkeeper 1v1's Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper 1v1's

Develop your keepers mindset to stay on their feet for as long as possible and to stay big in 1v1?s and make the attacker make a decision.

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  • One goalkeeper working two lines of attackers outside the area and about the width of the 6yd box apart.
  • One line of attacker has the balls and plays the ball into the attacker at the other side.
  • Attacker receiving the ball attempts to take the ball round the goalkeeper.
  • The first server then joins Server 2 line
  • Server 2 who has just run through on goal joins Server 1 line.
  • Depending on group size have two Goalkeepers taking it in turns

Coaching points

  • Decision to dive at feet or smother a loose touch.
  • Same technique as low dive if ball is outside of the attacker
  • Delay and have bodyweight forward
  • As attacker approaches get hands down low but hands should be forward of the knees.
  • Teach goalkeeper to protect themselves with the ball and forearm high also bend top knee up to protect the body whilst in dive. This is called the finishing position.
  • Only advance when ball is out of feet and not as the ball is travelling
  • GK needs to make long barrier
  • Stay big as long as possible and get weight evenly distributed.
  • Do not turn heard keep head looking forward
  • Do not anticipate the shot


Goalkeepers can pair up and work with a defender. Then Server 1 becomes the defender- keep a tally of shut outs.

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