Defending the Attacks: Body Shape and Technique Session

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The aim of this session is to work on individual and team defending - helping your players to hold off the attack in a 1v1 and as a defensive unit.

What's in the Session?

To lay down the defending fundamentals and get your players using correct defending techniques (knees bent, eyes on the ball) this session starts with 3 simple pairs exercises. By working in small groups like this everyone has the chance to get as much ball time as possible as they develop their 1v1 defending.

Now you've got everyone stood in the correct position, channeling the attackers onto their weaker foot and away from your goal it's time to practice as a defensive unit. To do this we play a game with 6 goals designed to challenge your players' communication and movement skills, before finishing with a small-side match.

Use this defending session to get your team working together to form a fortress-like team shape that'll be very hard to break through.

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