It'S All Rip And Roll To Me!

category: Warm-Up

You may consider these two points when looking to challenge or build confidence.

  • Keep your player briefing, brief! It's best not to ha...

Keep Going 3/2

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following.....

  1. The attackers will start at the base of the grid and attack the first box.
  2. The 2 defender...

Web Videos

Rugby tactics: the sexton loop

Ireland's back-line: lethal or predictable? Take a look at flyhalf Jonny Sexton's signature "wraparound" in this short clip. Get free rugby drills and...



Community Drills

Kicking a ball into the hoop.

The basic behind the game is to have fun and the kids start to see their own technique in kicking and their ability to do so. This game is simple, pla...

Team basic tactics

Basic tactics for beginners, scrum half can call 1 to ply with the scrum, 2 to play with the inside centre or the flanker and 3 to play with the outsi...