Chain Reaction

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Chain Reaction Tag Rugby Divide the 20m x 20m grid in half. 1 Ball per group ... On the teachers call, all players try to start running forward...

Static Tackling On Knees.

category: Tackling

Rugby Static tackling on knees. ... Tackler to start in a low position. ... behind the player, squeeze their arms around the player an drive in forwa...

Switch 1

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby SWITCH 1 Backs Moves See the diagram for suggested starting positions. 10 carried the ball forward, inviting the defence to press up. 10 cuts i...

Game - 6 Vs 4

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Game - 6 vs 4 Tag rugby Pitch is 20m x 20m. All players wearing Tag Belts Start the game with a free pass, defenders must start behind t...

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