Piece Of Cake

category: Defence

Netball Piece of Cake Defence Every player is involved in this defensive exercise. The first player in the center passes to an outside player. After ...

Follow The Ball

category: Defence

Netball Follow the ball Defence Players stand in pairs, with the worker standing behind the ball ... Netball Drill Demonstration ... Piece of Cake Dr...

Prevent The Middle Pass

category: Defence

Netball Prevent the middle Pass Defence Players work in groups of 5 - 3 passing players on the outside of the triangle, one attacking player in the m...

Web Videos

Netball drill

Great drill to teach players to pass then run and be aware !! Remind them to talk to each other.

Wagon wheel - netballcoachtv drill

Check out one of our netball drills! 'Wagon Wheel' is a drill designed to gather some team passing momentum; run to space after passing in a high traf...