1 V 1 - Channelling

category: Defending-Skills

Split your group into two teams - defenders and attackers. Players with the ball have to run around the cone and try and score. Players without ball a...


category: Defending-Skills

Two defenders can work together to channel

Channelling Onto The Forehand

category: Defending-Skills

This exercise is designed to encourage defenders to force attacking players to move onto the defenders forehand The player with the ball tries to run ...

Channelling Proud To Coach

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Difficulty of the skill: Red - a difficult core skill for ages 7-9 years and upwards. As players progress and develop the difficulty of the skill shou...

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Ryde hockey: basics of marking

Ryde Hockey Club High Performance Coaching Adviser Larry McIntosh on the importance of positioning and a physical presence when marking opposition ...