Diving Technique

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Diving technique Goal keeping The goalkeeper starts 2 / 3 metres off their line on their knees. The coach then throws the ball under arm for t...

Short Corner Technique

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Short Corner Technique Goal keeping This is the final progression in the diving technique. The goalkeeper starts on their line and runs out 3 ...

Kicking Warm-Up

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Kicking Warm-Up Goal keeping The ball is fed into the goalkeeper in the middle of the goal. ... Hockey Drill Demonstration ... Coaching points...

Ready Position

category: Extras

Hockey Ready Position Extras The ready stance is the prime position for the keeper. a. Stand straight with both feet pointing forward. b. Turn the to...

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Goalkeeper training ii maddie hinch

Hello guys, In today's video I will be showing you a video of Maddie Hinch, Olympic Gold Medalist, doing her hockey goal keeper training. Maddie saves...