4 Vs 4 Possession

category: Possession

Play keep ball. Teams need to keep possession for as long as possible or up to a set number of passes (first to 10 passes etc.) Try and take the predi...

Changing 4 Vs 2

category: Possession

Three teams of 2. Two teams combine to play against the 3rd team (in the animation this is the white and gold team playing against the blue team). If ...

Two Jokers - Create The 6 Vs 4

category: Conditioned-Games

Set up a grid (size depends on the ability of your players) and nominate 2 players as the the jokers in the pack (yellow players).The jokers are alway...

4 V 2 In Area

category: Possession

Players are trying to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible. Players inside the area can use the two players on the outside of the grid ...

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