The Far Jump Shot

category: 318-jump-shot-far

As players run up to where they are going to throw from they should bring the ball up to shoulder height. The first step in the 1-2-3 pattern should b...

Dribble And Shoot

category: 560-complex-shooting-exercises

Players take it in turns to dribble out to their cone and then shoot at goal. They must shoot in such a way that it is possible for the keeper to bloc...

Cross-Court Pass And Shoot

category: 317-jump-shot-high

Starting on the right backcourt player passes from right to left. When the third player receives the ball on the left wing they should feint (either t...

555 Power Training : Jumping

category: 555-power-training-jumping

After 3 steps in the hoops, throw at the goal with jump shot.5 seriesvariations in jumping :- two feet at the same time, forward - one foot,forward- e...

Web Videos

Salming handball feint - shot feint

The goal for the shooter is to leave the defender passive and rooted on the spot. If he succeeds, he has a better chance of launching the shot above t...