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Five players from the attacking team position themselves around the goal area line so that they stretch the defenders. Each of them should be man-marked from a distance by the five white players.

Starting with the ball on the left side of the court players pass to their right, trying to draw the defender to be drawn out of position before passing the ball on again.

Blue players 6 should set up a back screen in front of the fourth defender.

Once the ball reaches player 4 they should dribble forwards and wait and see if defender 4 comes towards them - if the defender stands still, marking blue 6, then blue 4 should shoot on goal. If the defender moves forwards then they should pass to player 6 for them to shoot instead.

Coaching points

Make sure players are thinking about how the defenders' movement should affect their decision making.

After going from left to right you can reverse the direction of this activity.


To begin with defenders should remain fairly inactive, however as your attackers grow in confidence with this play you should gradually increase their role.

After a few run throughs like this you can make this drill live. Blue 6 must move along the edge of the shooting circle, trying to find space to receive the pass from one of the other players for the shot on goal!

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Drill tags: movement, overload, passing, power play

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