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Dribble And Avoid

category: 326-defence-of-dribbling

Working inside the D players must attempt to dribble around and keep their ball whilst the red players are aiming to snatch the balls away. Once a pla...

Dive Shot Technique - Forward

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Make a movement forward with your trunk bent forward. 1. Take off with one or two feet. Bend forward with ankle, knee and hip, trunk bent forward, eye...

545 3:2:1 Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Pass B3-B1 who duels with R1.After duel B2 starts for the fast break and goes to queue of R1.

Far Jump Shot

category: 318-jump-shot-far

Players stand in line and take it in turns to pass to the feeder (blue 1) and then run forwards to move onto the return pass. Players should look to c...

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Community Drills

Autosave 97637292

Položaj branilcev, kadar je KN med drugim in tretjim branilcem, zunanji napadalec pa napada široko

Autosave 71623028

Položaj branilcev ob 'rezanju' kril in ob zaletu levega zunanjega igralca proti drugemu branilcu iz desne

Autosave 88938846

Osnovna postavitev branilcev v conski obrambi 3:2:1, ko ima žogo zunanji napadalec

Autosave 48883707

Položaj branilcev, kadar je krožni napadalec med drugim in tretjim desnim branilcem, zunanji napadalec pa napada proti sredini