Defensive Pressure

category: Defending

Play 3 v 3 in the middle area with goalkeepers stationed in each of the goals. Balls are placed around the field so that as soon as a ball goes out, t...

Wolf Pack

category: Defending

The players each have a ball. On the coaches command the defending team comes in to the area and tries to kick all of the balls out. If a player gets ...

Change Football

category: Conditioned-games

Position 3 players who link arms or hold hands on the goal line. Play 3 v 3 until coach shouts, "Change!" then the chain breaks and ...

Clear The Decks

category: Defending

The object of this game is for the players in possesion of the ball to clear the ball into the area on the opposite side. The opposing players have to...

Web Videos


Defending the Long Ball

Don't let route one football be the downfall of your defence! Use this plan to practice how to move and defend against the ball over the top.

Community Drills

Posession and Switch

3 Teams of 4 players. 1 team defending. 2 teams keeping posession. Team in posession must complete certain ammount of passes before switching play to ...

Tansition Game

This game should be played 7 v 7 with 3 neutral players. That being said since we are in a gym I'm going to play 5 v 5 with 3 possibly 2 neutral ...


In 2 teams, each team defending a goal 1st player shoots, as soon as they shoot, next player in opposite team goes, 1st player defends, when next play...