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Position 3 players who link arms or hold hands on the goal line.

Play 3 v 3 until coach shouts, "Change!" then the chain breaks and the team previously out on the field becomes the chain in goal.

The original chain players now become field players.

3 players from each team form a human chain by linking arms or holding hands.

These players are stationed on the goal line in front of a goal approximately 8 yards wide. The team in possession must attempt to score past the human chain defending the opposing goal.

Goals and saves are each worth 1 point(players in the chain are not allowed to use their hands to defend the goal and must control the ball within 5 yards to score).

Coaching points

Cut off the path to the goal.

Try to keep possession of the ball.

Shoot at every opportunity.

Go to the ball, don't back away from it.

Help the player with the ball by getting into a supporting position.

Get ready to change.

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