Drill Categories

2 v 1 Drills

When the overload is on and your team has a 2v1 they should put their chance away. To make sure your players breakthroughs finish with a goal these tw...

3 v 2 Drills

Pit your players against each other with these 3v2 drills, and improve their defensive and attacking game sense skills. 3v2s are great for boosting pl...


Off The Screen Shooting Drill

category: Screening

Setup the practice as shown. Player 3 runs into the arc and runs off the screen created by player 2 before receiving the ball from player 1, turning...

Setting A Screen

category: Screening

Player 1 with the ball. Player 2 sets the screen at either side of the defender. When the screen is set player 1 fakes to the opposite side then cros...

Cuts Off The Screen Drill

category: 2-v-2

Top side or over the top cut 1 has the ball.2 will screen for 3 who uses the screen as shown. 1 may pass to 3 or 2

Screen On Player With The Ball

category: Screening

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 before running forwards to make a screen on them. Player 2 proceeds to dribble around player 1 before going for a...

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Using Screens On and Off the Ball

Teach players how to set a screen (also known as a pick) to block the opposition and create attacking space for team-mates to cut into!