Drill Categories

Individual Drills

To truly develop their game players need to practice outside of team training sessions, which is why we have created this folder of solo drills and vi...

Shooting Techniques

Developing your players' shooting technique will increase their consistency and ensure they have the best chance of scoring with each shot, even when ...


Throw Fake Jump Shot

category: Individual

Throw the ball forwards with a bit of backspin so that you can catch the ball after it has bounced, to simulate a pass.Fake left.Drive back and right ...

Dribble Right Jump Shot

category: Individual

Dribble forwards.Stop at an imaginary defender.Ball behind the back into the right hand to set up the jump shot.

1V1 Zig-Zag To Jump Shot

category: Defense

1 offensive player and 1 defensive player. The offensive player will dribble through the cones, once the player has reached the last cone the player...

V Cut And Jump Shot

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Setup as shown.Player 2 makes a V cut, receives the pass from player 1 before dribbling to the low post area. Player 2 then takes a pull up jump shot...

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