Dodge Defender And Find Space

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Have a player or the coach on one side of the court with a ball, looking to pass to the attacker. The attacker should start on the other side of the c...

Pass Then Run Into Space

category: Passing

3 Players with one ball. Player 1 passes to Player 3 who runs into space. Players are continue passing to each other and then running into open spac...

Line 1 - Out Of Bounds Play

category: Passing

First player basket cuts and then clears out. Second player pops out to the corner. Third player dives straight to the ball. Fourth player either pop...

Meat Grinder - Score To Get Out

category: Shooting

This is a high pressure shooting drill designed to teach players to hold their ground and shoot under pressure. Rules: Players must shoot from inside ...

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Passing grid work

In teams of four with 1 ball passing around the grid1.pass and move2. allow dribbling3.ball must pass into a different squareChallange pass between an...