The Improvement of Movement - Getting to the Net

In this session we look at ways that you can get your players to run, cut, receive and shoot in this more advanced giving and going session.

The give-and-go, often called pass-and-cut, is an offensive play in which a player simply passes (gives) to a team-mate and cuts (goes) towards the basket. The use of the cut, a sharp change of pace and direction, is how attackers can break free from their defender and then look to receive a return pass from their team mate in space.

Sounds simple, and when performed correctly it is. Annoyingly though you will often find that players do not make these sharp cutting runs but instead run around like headless chickens, following the ball which doesn't create space. To ensure your team are wiser than headless chickens on the court we've designed this session to highlight to them just how effective giving and going can be in creating goal scoring opportunities.

To start with your players will run a drill where they must offload the ball and make a V cut run before receiving a return pass and then going on to shoot. However, we know your players are better than that and so once they've mastered the basics we're going to step up the intensity, changing the type of cuts your players are using and even applying pressure to them when they go to shoot. In a game situation the ball will not necessarily always go to the player who has made the run but what will happen is that this manoeuvre will pull defenders out of position and create space for your other players to run into.

Come the end of this session in the final game you should find yourself with a team full of skilful cutters, players who are skilled at losing their markers and creating space in which to receive the ball.

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Core Skills 2 - Up the tempo with more advance drills

This pack of Six of the Best has been developed to help you coach some of the finer points to your eager players. Designed to help you inspire your fast developing players!

Some of the more Advanced Topics Covered Include: Move to Make Space - The 3 Cuts / Team Defence and Progressions / Scoring on the Fast Break - Speedy Attacks / Setting the Screen - Attacking Play / Team Rebounding - Bounce back and Attack! / The Improvement of Movement - Getting to the Net.
Suitable for competent Juniors to Senior players

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Core Skills 2 - in this pack:

Move to Make Space - The 3 Cuts

In this session we look at ways to help your players lose their markers so that they can win the game

Scoring on the Fast Break - Speedy Attacks

Put a stop to dilly-dally basketball - Drive the ball up the court quickly and effectively with assertive passing play!

Setting the Screen - Attacking Play

Set up a screen, the legal obstruction, and disrupt the opposition's man-marking system to create attacking space for your team!

Team Defence and Progressions

Michael Johnson took most pride in his defensive game because a solid defence wins matches! In this session we work on your players' defensive principles!

Team Rebounding - Bounce back and Attack!

Try this challenging session - getting your players to work hard, box out and win the rebound!

The Improvement of Movement - Getting to the Net

This session looks at the pass and cut - a more advanced version of the give and go - Great for receiving the ball in space or drawing defenders out of position!

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