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Question about a netball rule

HiRecently I was umpiring a very challenging game.I was questioned about a decision i had made during the game, to which I said that if a further explanation was required that the player should approach me at quarter time. This particular player and a number of others on court continued to be extremely challengingAt quarter time this player approached me not to ask for an explanation but to challenge my decision and it would seem the tone that I had put on my decision, which she seemed to think was made by me with a harsh tone.I explained that i would not tolerate her attitude on court. She then said that as i had made my point that she wanted to make hers. My understanding of this is that, although I do not have to give an explanation I did because sometimes it helps with the attitude of players if they know what they had done wrong. On this occasion the player concerned wanted to make her point, this is what I need clarification on.She said that she was going to report me to the league as I did not allow her to have her say.I was not aware that my tone was harsh, and did ask the other team if they felt I was, to which they said that they absolutely did not.This player was a defender, and the only thing I can think of is that when she asked for an explanation for my decision I was running back to the centre line as a goal had been scored, I was at this point running back, entering the score, calculating whose centre pass it was, so may be my tone may have been a little rushed.Although I feel that I am was happy with my decisions on the day, I was wondering where I stand when something like this happens. Are players allowed to voice their opinion, I didn't think they were, but can not find anything in the rule book that definitively says one way or the other.I am a firm umpire, and feel that I know the rules thoroughly having played at a very high level myself int he past.I am a grade C umpire and the team was in one of the higher divisions, so really should know better.

NO, players are not permitted to voice their opinions or try to generate discussion with you on the validity or tone of delivery of you umpiring decisions. They may only ask for rule clarifications in break time and via the team Captain.  Refer Rule 3.1.1 "The decisions of the Umpires shall be final and shall be given without appeal" and that applies to both correct and incorrect decisions. To appeal, challenge or dispute an umpires decision comes under 19.3 "The Umpire may penalise a disputing player...."and with challenging teams/players discipline needs to be followed through with fairly early on to prevent further deterioration and maintain your authority during the game.  Many players, coaches & spectators like to have their opinions on umpiring decisions but few will have the read the rules or know how to interpret them.  It is best not to "explain" your decisions, just make the call clearly, politely and then get on with the game.

By "discipline" I mean either unofficially warning the offending player in a firm but polite manner, advancing the penalty or awarding pass to opposition depending on where the ball is.

Thank you so much for that.  It was as I thought, but this particular individual was so intent in having her say, even though I clearly said that she was not entitled to her opinion when she challenged me at quarter time, but she simply would not accept what I was saying and just kept on and on.  I did ask her to get back on court and that I did not have to explain my decision.

I am really grateful, as when you are out there on your own, with little support to run this kind of thing by someone, it is really fantastic that you took the time to answer.



umpiring is a thankless job, but when done in a professional manner makes all the difference to a game.  in saying that there are some paid umpires that should reconsider their choice of paid  but i think all volunteer umpires are doing the best job they can and everyone has a bad day or are human.  dont let a bully get to you.  she just wants it her way.  and we all know that the defence players are picked on....ahhahahah  (and cause the most contact

"The umpire's decision is final and shall be given without appeal" - it's a rule like any other.  Clarification can be sought at an interval - however your decision is not up for debate at that time - merely a time for you to give clarification - the player has to abide by the rule stated above (think its 3.1.1 in EN rules book) - and can be penalised accordingly! As for being harsh - players need to understand that netball is a fast paced game in which umpires have to make split second decisions and there is no time to debate/clarify/discuss individual decisions during game time.  

That's brilliant thank you so much.



I don't know if this apply to Worldwide. If we have question about the umpire's call, we could only send the captain to clarify it during intervals. And they can only clarify, not challenge, means they can only ask questions instead of saying what they feel. Don't need to feel bad, it happens all the time.

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