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Playing advantage then no advantage gained

If advantage is called by the umpire and then no advantage gained by the non offending team due to the ball being lost/intercepted,should play be brought back for a free/penalty pass depending on the infringement that advantage was called for?

Janet is the expert in here for all things umpiring, but until she replies, I will give you my "opinion" on what I have seen occur by other umpires.

Advantage is called when an infringement has occured, but has not impeded on the outcome.  ie obstruction on the shooter, but the goal is still scored, or contact on an opponent, but the ball still sucessfully is received by one of their team members.  the advantage rule is complete once the ball has reached its intended location.  If, due to the offense, this does not occur, then the ball should be called back and the penalty taken in the location of the original infrindgement.

that is my take on the advantage rule.  

Hi Linda, I agree with the above in how it should work , however, I see it happen differently in the leagues I play in. Advantage has been called, and no advantage had been subsequently been gained , but the game has continued......would be interesting to hear from an umpiring expert as to which is the correct interpretaion....

Hi Linda.The "advantage" call is subjected to a lot of discussion at all levels of netball.  It is a call used to indicate that an infringement has been observed but, in the opinion of the umpire, has not interfered with the passage of play at the point where the infringement occurred. Whether the ball has been successfully received after the "advantage" has been called is not relevant which does conflict with what many folks understand. The decision is made at the point of infringement and not after pass has been made and is not reversible. 

Example: GD is obstructing but not really affecting the likelihood of a successful pass being able to be made - advantage obstruction GD called - pass made and play continues regardless of outcome. If GD were to shorten distance or contact causing interference after or at the same time the "advantage" is called then umpire should then award a penalty for that infringement.

This rule is used to facilitate flow of the game i.e. to not penalise and stop the game for infringements that haven't clearly interfered. The higher the standard of play the more the "advantage" call will be used but I find that many umpires use it inappropriately and incorrectly in lower level games which only causes confusion for all.

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