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How to perform face forward

How do you illustrate face forward for netball foot work to a net ball team


Sportplan offer a range of practices to help improve your players footwork - you can find these either in drills, under 'Footwork' or using the search bar.

However, I have attached a drill I think may be particularly helpful to your players. During this practice make sure your players keep their head up, always looking towards the ball but also ensure their body is always facing forward (facing the feeder). Also make sure your players do not have their back towards the feeder as they go round the cones.

Any footwork drill will be useful in answering your question, just provide a demonstration of facing forward - like the example below, keeping and open body position so they can always see the ball. If they cannot see the ball, they are not facing forward!!

Hope this helps.

Figure of eight

Video / Animation
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Split players into pairs with one ball and three cones, placed in a triangle. The feeder stands above the top of the triangle.

Using quick, small steps the worker has to rotate around the cones in a figure of 8 before then receiving the ball and returning it to the feeder at the top of the triangle.

Start slowly before gradually increasing the pace.

Coaching Points:

The worker should keep their head up with their eyes on ball at all times. Shoulders should also always be square to the feeder, rotating their hips as they move in a figure of 8 around the cones.

This practice links to stage 1 and 3 defending (1 shadowing and 3 cutting off and denying your player the desired space).

Players need to be aware of the body positioning and the angle of their body when moving quickly and carefully around the cones.


  • Increase pace and intensity through setting a target for number of completed circits in 1 minute.
  • Move cones further apart to develop endurance - work time is increased to 1 minute.
  • Move cones closer together to refine the quick steps - shorter working time to increase intensity.
  • Increase distance from feeder to worker.
  • Add an extra feeder towards the back of the worker and ball can be fed in at any time from any direction.
  • Feeder can call 'change direction' at any point to keep the worker thinking.

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans