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In fours players are moving up a channel. The support runner (blue player in the animation) calls themselves into the line, receives a pass, offloads and repeats down the second channel.

  • Ideally you would like your players to form a diamond: a ball carrier, support running left, support running right, and a support runner behind who can come onto the ball at any angle.

When the first group leaves the first channel, the second group should begin. That way there will always be activity.

Players should change their positions in the diamond.

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to use all of the following coaching points, you may have some of your own. Also - keep in mind that your coaching points should be relevant to your session.

  • Passing is over short distances, players do not need to spin the ball.
  • Passes should be weighted correctly in terms of length, speed, and direction.
  • Receivers should have their hands out.
  • The passer may pop the ball, instead of a standard pass.
  • There is communication that lets the ball carrier know where their support is.
  • Communication is effective, efficient, and encouraging.
  • Support runners use changes in foot-speed to hold depth and position, and run onto the ball at pace.
  • The ball carrier passes the ball in space, to where the ball receiver will be - not where they are.
  • Players offer the ball carrier support to their right, left, and rear.
  • Support runners hit lines that highlight a desire to attack space.
  • Support runners work together to create and attack space.
  • Support runners: listen to the ball carrier, and read their body language.
  • Support runners experiment with their depth.


No verbal communications, support runners react to what they see.

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Drill tags: handling, line, lines, support

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