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Coaching the Blitz Defence Session Thumbnail
Coaching the Blitz Defence

Develop the aggressive Blitz defending style in you game and don’t let the opposition get comfortable on the ball with this session.

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Coaching the Drift Defence Session Thumbnail
Coaching the Drift Defence

Get your players thinking their way through this session, focussing on Drift Defence when the opposition have an overlap on the outside.

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  • Groups of 6.
  • Tackle Suits. 
  • Ball 

1. 1 v 2 - Shoulders on

1 attacker must run in the middle of 2 defenders, in a small grid. 

the first defender performs a chop tackle.

the second defder makes a chest hit, aiming to stop the offload. 

2. 1 vs 3 - ball involved - full contact. 

In groups of 6, have 3 attackers 3 defenders. 

Attackers pass a ball along the line back and forth until whistle goes. 

Defenders in tackle suits, line up opposite the attackers, when whitle goes the attacker with the ball runs at the defence aiming at the gaps inbetween the defenders. 

the defenders come up as a line. The first defender (usually inside) makes a low chop tackle, while the other second defender aims for man and ball. 

Coaching points

  • Line speed. 
  • 1st defender low hit - possitive impact. 
  • 2nd Defender - aim to stop offload. 
  • Leg drive is essential - as a posiitve hit can lead to a turn over. 
  • the 3rd defender not involved must adjust in - on a line of string. 
  • Lots of noise and aggression. 

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