Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following......

  1. The defender must make a tackle.
  2. The primary ball carrier must take the ball into contact and try to off-load the ball.
  3. The support player should take the ball and score a try.
  4. The players rotate rolls following each contact.

Coaching points

  • Defender looks to take player and ball, choke tackle if possible. However, defenders should switch up their tacking style to text attackers and provide them with opportunities to off-load in different situations.
  • Attackers carry the ball in two hands, however players may feel they can hand off and off-load in the contact with one hand - let them try! Why not, if they can, that's great.
  • Talk to your players, not for long, about risk e.g. having the ball in one hand increases the risk of not being able to get the ball away.
  • The position of the supporting player needs to be close enough to take the off load.
  • The ball carrier seeks to keep the ball away from the tackler, and is fully aware of the position of the supporting player.
  • Attackers need to talk and listen!

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