Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following......

  1. This game is to be played at pace.
  2. It is contact and normal rules of 7's apply, only difference is.....
  3. That when a tackler makes a tackle - it is them that must get to their feet quickly and give the ball to the attack.
  4. No rucks.
  5. That's it - lets play.
  • Try to make sure that both teams spend enough time in attack and defence.
  • Please make sure this game is played at pace and that there is no delay in returning the ball!

Coaching points

  • Supporting players seek to stay out of the ruck, but to take an off-loaded ball.
  • Players going into contact seek to off-load the ball away from that contact, and to win the contact.
  • Players move the ball to space and attack that space at speed.
  • Tacklers get to their feet quickly to take the ball.
  • Defenders close down space and attacking options quickly.

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