Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up a rectangle (roughly 5m x 2m) with three attackers (blue) and three defenders (red) on opposite sides.

The attacker in the middle has the ball and runs towards one of the gaps between the three defenders. The middle defender makes the tackle, with the assistance of the defender on the side towards which the attacker ran. The attacker who has been tackled presents the ball back towards the attackers. After the tackle the two defenders involved get back to their feet to contest the ruck against the other two attackers. The third defender works round to the far side of the ruck from them, to simulate defending round the corner after a ruck

Coaching points

Two man tackle - the first defender tackles the attacker low and the second defender goes higher up

Long/Pencil present -

Presenting the ball as if they are parallel to the side line instead of perpendicular.

  • They should be on their stomachs with their feet towards the defending side, and the ball presented over the head with two hands towards their support players.
  • This narrows the 'gate' which the defenders can enter the ruck from.

Ruck clearing technique:

  • Both players must be supporting their own body weight not using their hands. 
  • The first supporting attacker needs to get their shoulders under those of the defender in order to perform an effective clear out.
  • The defender wants to be in a strong position to make it difficult for the attacker to clear out.
  • The second attacking support player wants to bind on to the first support player to use their combined force to clear the ruck.
  • The second defending player wants to bind on to their first support player to add to their weight and therefore make them harder to clear out.

Drill tags: defending, defending, game, ruck

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