Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups 10+ 
  • Balls 
  • Cones 
  • Sausages.

1. Chanel Fix 

Groups of 5. 

Attack sausages lined up one behind eachother. 

They must use footwork to step to a side of the sausage and then give a pass before running into/past it.

2. Passing Grid - Static Defenders 

Normal 3 man passing grid, however with sausages placed in the middle.

Players run forward use footwork to beat the bag and give the pass back inside. (pass before the sausage).

3. Passing Grid - Moving defenders. 

Same as above but instead of sausages, use moving defenders with bags.

4. Passing Grid - Starting on corners.

Groups of 4 start on each corner with 2 defenders in the middle. 

The attacking line must get around the corner and square up to beat the 2 defenders. 

At other end give to next group and start again. 


5. Final Game 

Groups of 3 on all sides of the grid, with 2 defenders in the middle.

Continuous drill to score as many tries as possibel in 1 min. 

Focus on all skills above. 

Coaching points

1. Chanel fix 

Focus on stepping on the inside (fixing defedner) and players coming around the outside for the offload. 

2. Passing Grid - Static Defenders

Depth, Communication, Targets. 

Focus on stepping inside, and fixing defender. 

Hold depth to give more time on ball. (makes pass easier) 

3. Passing Grid - Moving defenders. 

Now the defendes are moving footwork is essential to beat the player and fix them, or else can drift to next man. 

Hold depth to make it easier to transfer ball. 

Attack inside shoulder. 

4. Passing Grid - Starting on corners.

There must be an urgency to get round the corner and atttack the space. 

Players must get around the corner and square up and attack inside shoulders to fix the man.

Depth is key still. 

5. Final Game 


Speed of transfer 

Fixing defenders. 

Fast accurate.


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