Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up two 1m wide gates of cones (green and red) either side of a feeder, with a line of attackers opposite (5m away). Have a number of defenders (3) lined up behind the feeder.

The first player passes the ball to the feeder then moves forward and receives a short return pass from the feeder. 

On receiving the return pass he uses footwork to go through one of the gates with a support player going through the other gate.

Once through the gate the ball carrier puts in a fend on the first defender and passes the ball to his support player.

They go on to attack the two other defenders and try execute 2 vs 1 scenarios to get to the end of the drill

Coaching points

Drawing a defender - Run at the defender and make him make a decision. Dummy the pass to see if he follows or commits to the ball carrier, once he is committed to either the ball carrier or the support player either pass the ball to the support player or run and score.

Passing - high outside elbow, hands follow through towards the target

Fending - carry the ball under the outside arm (away from the defender) and use the other arm to push him away from you. Start with the arm bent and aim to push against his chest/shoulder with an open palm

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Drill tags: attacking, footwork, movement, passing

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