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Set up a running slalom for your players to run through at the end of their training. It should be approximately 10 by 5m in size.

  1. Slalom through the blue cones
  2. From the final blue cone players run backwards to the 1st red cone
  3. Then run forward out to the next red cone, then backwards again (repeat pattern until final red cone)
  4. Quick turn around the final red cone and then sprint to the end of the course

Jog back to the start line and repeat.

Coaching points

Look for fast small footsteps as players go through the slalom. You also want to see arms pumping for speed and balance.

When running backwards ensure players look over their shoulder.

Once a player has reached the end of the slalom the next player can run. Each player completes 4 circuits.


With senior players you can add extra exercises to the circuit, such as a press up station.

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Drill tags: agility, cool down, fitness, poles, speed, warm up

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