Netball Drill Demonstration


GK has the throw in.

GD leads from the top of the shooters area back to the 3rd line. At the same time the WD leades from the 3rd line back to the top of the shooters area.

C leads out to passing side from the Centre circle. Meanwhile WD is on a fast break toward the far transvers line in order to receive the pass from C.

WA leads back from the original ball side to the top of the shooters area, while GA leads forward to recieve the ball from the WD

GS leads out from under ring. GA gets back to assist.

Coaching points

NOTE: The GD and WD in the first cross over need to know which way they are each going to make sure of no collisions. WD must be fast for this to work.

Created by Samantha, Netball Coach, Australia

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